Friday, May 24, 2013

To kill a mockingbird essay By Ivy Raphael

In literature characters struggle against powerful forces or obstacles that have a significant effect on them.In To Kill a Mockingbird the main character,Scout, struggles against obstacles and as a result the obstacles have a significant effect on her . The three ways that Scout overcomes  the obstacles are Scout wants to see if Boo Radley is the guy that people say he is,Scout gets bullied,and finding out about Dill not going over for the summer.

Scout wants to see if Boo Radley is really the guy people say he is.The town says that Boo Radley eats cats and mices and that will kill anything or anyone that goes on his lawn.There were other rumors as well such as he had messed up teeth and was balding and that he was in his 30’s.The town also believe that he had lived in his house since he had been born.But he really is not because at the end of the story he saves her and somewhere in the book they are outside and it is cold and boo come up behind her and gives her a blanket.

another obstacle that had a significant effect on scout her getting bullied.
She is getting a lot of hate at school and she wants to fight back so bad but she has to listen to her father.They are getting all of this hate trying to help a innocent black man a girl and her father say that he tried to raped her but she was hitting on him and her father found out so he beat her and blamed it on him.So everyone in she school call her and her father a “nigger lover” so in this obstacle she is getting bullied for helping out a person and after all of this she becomes a lot stronger person then she is so if anyone trys to do this again she will be find she will not care the mean thing is that no matter who the person is never judge them until you really learn who they are and what they have done in life.

The other obstacle is that Scout just found out that Dill will not go over  this summer and her father has to leave out of town for to weeks and Calpurnia is going to take them to her church for a little while and that they love it there and there so amazed that the church that they went to is letting them in with open arms and that that church is collecting money for Tom Robinson and his wife need support for his kids but right now he is in jail for accused of raping Bob Ewell’s daughter,mayella and the whole town is in a uproar over Atticus taking over the case and when they come back home from church they find that Aunt Alexandra on the porch waiting for them.

in this story Scout went through many struggles.She has gotten stronger not physically but mentally.She found out that Boo Radley is not they guy the town says he is and that you should never judge a book by its cover.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Is It Weird to Hug My PS Vita?

What is more important to you in your life right now, your new iPhone 5 that is sitting in your pocket or your mother? For me, it would be my mother. I value all the times I have spent with my mother from Alaska to Massachusetts, I can never put a price tag on my mom. I can put a price tag on my PlayStation Vita, something else I value in my life. These two things mean a lot to me.

I remember when I was around three years old; I fell off my bed and landed a doll house. I screamed and cried because it hurt so much. My mom ran into my room, picked me and held me until I stopped crying and fell asleep. This is something I will also remember. My mom is priceless because she always there for me and loving, even when we fight and maybe when I’m not so good. I spent a big amount of my life living in different states with my mom, but through all that time she has always been there for me. My mom does both jobs as a parent, mom and dad, this I really appreciate. One other reason I value my mom is that she spoils me with both love and money.

This last Christmas I opened up the present I had been dying for for a couple of years now, my PlayStation Vita. The PS Vita is handheld portable gaming device. I play games on it as well as watch movies on it. I value my PS Vita because I have never had something like it before. I can play different types of games on it and it makes happy because the games are fun to play. The PS Vita is very much like a smart phone, except I can’t make phone calls on it unless I use Skype. I value my PS Vita not only because I can play games, but because it was from my mom as well.

If I had to compare my mom to my PS Vita, I would say that they both can be very loud. My mom is extremely loud when she yells and the PS Vita is loud with the sounds of the game. They both also listen to me when I need to talk. Both my mom and the PS Vita have control over me. My mom controls me parent wise telling me what I can and cannot do. The PS Vita controls me through the addictive video games that I always want to play.

My mom and my PS Vita are totally different as well. I am able to have a conversation with my mom, something I cannot do with my PS Vita. One benefit of my PS Vita is that I can turn it on and off when I want, but that doesn’t happen with my mom. Lastly, my PS Vita cannot hold me the way my mom used to when I was hurt or give me hugs. I can hug my PS Vita, but I would look weird.

I value both my mom and my PS Vita, but I value them very differently. My mom is loving, caring and is always there for me. My PS Vita is fun to play with and takes away the stress of the day. My mom is priceless because of all the fond memories I have with her, through all the years and states we lived in. I value my PS Vita because it helps me escape the world. These two things are very important in my life and mean a lot to me.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Summer reading

​my name is micheal and i went out and i found a dog and then i when for a walk and then i was still walking and then i was in the desert and i saw the most wierdest thing i have never seen something like it and i walked over to it and it was sleeping under a blankit so i woke it up and it said 'why did you do that i just fell asleep'